Below are links to websites and print resources that can help you answer questions and learn about the measurable importance of music study for young people. These can help you encourage your young musician in the most effective way possible.

National Guild for Community Arts Education

The Jefferson Academy of Music is a member of the National Guild for Community Arts Education. Review their mission, vision, values and information at the link above.

Founded in 1937, the National Guild is the sole national service organization for community arts education providers. Our member organizations include community schools of the arts, arts and cultural centers, preparatory programs, and the arts education divisions of performing arts companies, museums, parks and recreation departments, and others.

Music Teachers National Association

The Music Teachers National Association provides resources and information regarding musical study for young people. Their website provides guides to parents, musical health information, and resources for educators. 

The following texts may be available at your local library or for purchase online.

Sound Choices by Wilma Machover and Marienne Uszler

Music Lessons by Stephanie Stein Crease

The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle

Your Musical Child by Jessica Baron Turner

The Music Parents' Survival Guide by Amy Nathan